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The social Impact of obesity

In dealing with obesity many physicians like to view the social impact that obesity presents in the sufferers. Usually the person will suffer with issues of weight preoccupation and roller coaster dieting that is accompanied by feeling of regret, remorse and failure.
A lot of times these feelings are increased by the treatment the obese person experiences in the world at large. People tend to equate obesity with lazy, overweight people lying around all day eating bon-bons and watching television, however this is rarely the case. Some obese people may have jobs that require them to work seated for long hours, their inactivity is caused by a job that keeps them from being active. In such a situation the person is taking in many more calories than their level of activity can burn off thus making them gain weight.

Obesity is not simply a problem of overeating it can also be a problem associated with low self-esteem, as well as other psychological reasons that could include sexual abuse, alcoholism, or dysfunctional relationships with foods. Some people who are obese are using eating as a way to cope with problems that affect them in their everyday lives. Some may feel that eating relaxes feelings of not being accepted or embarrassment over one’s weight.

Studies show that women have a negative body image regardless of what size they may be. The obese woman feels this feeling more acutely; they will try to lose weight without success which causes a feeling of failure. They learn to feel like they didn’t try hard enough or they are not good enough to be smaller and look like the models that society says women must look like. Sometimes women feel these feeling of contempt for themselves.
To improve a person’s body image they will need to learn to like and care for themselves through exercise and eating right as well as making healthy life style changes that not only fosters weight loss but also builds self esteem and good health.   When women learn not to use dieting as a way to deal with emotional stresses and finds healthier methods of dealing with problems they will find their self worth does not come from food.

It is important for the people dealing with obesity to feel good about themselves mentally and physically. This way they will find a way to combat obesity.

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